Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Great things to do in Marrakech, Morocco

Feeling bored or confused? Planning a Tour in Morocco but being nervious because you don’t know what are you going to find there? Don’t worry, this is a common situation and because of that reason it’s important to plan a good Morocco trip with the help of a Morocco Travel Agency.

Despite of that, there are some useful things you should know when you arrive in Marrakech. Remember that being in a new city means exploring different cultures and living a new adventure. You can’t pretend it’s going to be the same as it was in your country.

The first great thing you can do is circle he minaret of the Koutoubia Mosque, Marrakech’s most famous symbol is visible from near and far. It’s not really that high (77 metres), but thanks to local topography and a local ordinance that forbids any other building in the Medina to be higher than a palm tree, it towers majestically over its surroundings.

This is a place of worship and as you may know, not all people are able to enter this place, just Muslims. But, you can still get a good view of the exterior by walking around either side.

Another good activity, loved for those people who brings money to this city, is shopping. The area of the Medina, just north of the Jemaa El Fna, is commercial – at least in its more central areas – with a fibrous network of souks. You may find things more expensive here than other places. Beginning on the north edge, the souks comprise alleyway upon alleyway of tiny retail cubicles. The further in you venture the more interesting they become.

The two main routes into their heart are rue Semarine (aka Souk Semarine) and rue Mouassine; the former offers the more full-on blast of bazaar, the latter is a more sedate path leading to choice boutiques.

And why not trying the Moroccan style? Think about it, you are doing a Tour of Morocco and you are wearing the clothes that is a trend in that city. You will definitely kill it and you will get closer to the Moroccan culture.

Algerian-French designer NoryaayroN’s Moroccan-inspired women swear is becoming a hit with the stars. Trendy, yet comfortable, colorful kaftans and one-of-a-kind robes are what her Pop-up Shop is known for.

Gardens are also a great option in Morocco. Tours of Morocco may include visiting the most beautiful gardens.

The Arset El-Mamoun gardens were established in the 18th century by Crown Prince MoulayMamoun on land gifted to him by his father, the sultan, on the occasion of his wedding. Designed in traditional style, on an axis, with walkways, flowerbeds, orange groves and olive trees, non-residents who want to enjoy their splendor can visit for a buffet lunch at the poolside restaurant, take afternoon tea at Le Menzeh tea and ice-cream pavilion in the gardens, or on the back terrace overlooking the gardens.

There won’t be any better place than resting in a garden and looking at the flowers. Also, if you plan doing a picnic, this is the perfect place to do it. So, instead of walking through the noisy streets, you can have a relax afternoon here.

If you are more a an artist on the inside and enjoy looking at collection of crafts and maybe buying them, you will enjoy, MaisonTiskiwin, a private house owned by veteran Dutch anthropologist Bert Flint, is his fascinating collection of crafts and decorative arts from southern Morocco and the Sahara. The exhibition is designed to show Morocco’s connection to sub-Saharan Africa and is geographically laid out to take you on a virtual journey across the Sahara to Timbuktu.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Where to go in Morocco?

Morocco, full of imperial cities and a wilderness, is one of the biggest reasons why tourists choose to visit this place. And is that Morocco tours offer variety in activities of all kinds, for the more adventurous and quieter, it is a good choice for anyone.

When planning a trip to Morocco we want to stay one month, two months, three months and people can not stay so long and you need to make a short trip and try to visit the most emblematic and fun places. So a tour of Morocco with a duration of 12 days would be ideal for any tourist.

One of the first cities that everyone should visit is undoubtedly the city of Marrakech. Therefore, we included this city as the first stop. In the morning, visit Marrakech, founded by the Almoravids in the eleventh century. Some of the stops included they should do in this city is the minaret of the Koutoubia, symbol of the city and jewel of Almohad art, the Saadian Tombs, the Bahia Palace, the Medina and the famous Jemaa el Fna, where a multitude of vendors, acrobats and storytellers piles up.

After visiting this city, a tour to Morocco, should include a visit to the majestic city of Casablanca. This is the true economic capital of the country, with a panoramic tour highlighting the district of Anfa, Park of Nations, the Boulevard de la Corniche, Hassan II Mosque (optionally can be visited inside). Within the city, you can visit the Royal Palace, Mausoleum of Mohamed V and Hassan Tower among others.

Following the route of the Tour of Morocco, it is advisable to visit the city deAsilah, very clean city with a medina with beautiful visa to OceanoAtlantico, founded in the Phoenician era, free tadre in Morocco. Then they visit Chaouen, the city of town looking out to sea. As important places can visit the cave of Hercules, the viewpoints of CapSapartel and a walk in the Kasbah.

Almost finishing the Tour to Morocco, visiting a great and fun city, the city of Fez. It starts with a visit from the golden gates of the Royal Palace, built by the masters in bronze Fez, then visit the old Medina with its Medersa Bou Anania, the Nejjarine fountain one of the most beautiful of the Medina Mosque Karaouine that houses one of the main cultural centers of Islam and is home to the university of Fez, and the Mausoleum of MoulayIdriss. It is important to contact a travel agency and ask any questions before the trip possible.